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When you partner with Agon, you get a project team that is focussed on solutions. Every step we take is designed to make sure our people deliver the right outcomes for our clients.

Our aim is to exceed your expectations with every project we deliver. We will work with you to ensure you receive the product you require, no matter how big or small, how simple or complex the project may be.

With our head office in Adelaide and offices in Darwin and Canberra, Agon’s team of consultants are delivering successful outcomes for our clients in a cost-effective manner across a range of corporate and government market sectors.

Environmental Risk Register

Site History assessments can provide useful background information for some sites. However, for the majority, the outcome of the site history is already known. At Agon Environmental we believe in providing practical and useful outcomes; as such we conduct detailed site inspections, together with a search of historical records, of the property and identify the potential environmental and hazardous materials impacts. The risk of impact is presented in a tabular form with priority rankings and management options, which empowers you to make an informed decision.

Site Investigation

Agon Environmental has significant experience in scoping and completing soil and groundwater assessments to regulatory standards. As we understand it is your money we are spending, we will work with you throughout the process to make sure we know what the project goals are and can deliver the right outcome for the right price. We routinely work with Environmental Auditors and Regulators across Australia delivering exemplary service.

Remediation Master Planning

Our team has unparalleled experience in the development of remediation programs that are tailored to the specific situation. We know that by integrating the remediation works with the civil design that we can provide cost and time effective solutions to any development. Our strong experience in working with Auditors helps minimize time delays and reduce stress to you.

Compliance Monitoring

Agon Environmental has a passionate belief that monitoring programs need to work towards a defined end point agreed at the commencement of the program and yet have the ability to be adapted if necessary at defined stages. We actively work with you to manage the program and deliver an outcomes based result.

Property Acquisition or Disposal

We can provide a range of environmental and occupational hygiene services to assist in buying or selling properties.  We provide tailored services that identify potential liabilities and provide cost estimates for site restoration.  We can undertake site walkover and asbestos audits as well as contaminated land investigations, presenting the results in a concise format with all the necessary information.


Utilising our experience in contamination management for soil, groundwater and asbestos, we can provide all the necessary services to support our clients during the development of any site. We understand the legislative requirements for site development throughout Australia and we have proven experience working with Auditors.  Our practical approach provides cost effective solutions.

Bank Reports

We are familiar with the importance of providing regular reports to Banks to provide the assurance that works are being completed in accordance with regulatory requirements. We are able to assist clients in the provision of these project updates and compliance reports.

Airborne Fibre Monitoring / Clearance Inspections

  • Licensed Asbestos Assessors
  • Experienced technicians and inspectors
  • Fibre counting is conducted in our brand new laboratory in strict accordance under ‘The Guidance Note to the Membrane Filter Method, [NOHSC: 3003 (2005)]

Asbestos Audits and Surveys

  • Registers / Management Plans
  • Updates / Re- Inspections
  • Facilities Management
  • Risk Assessments / Compliance
  • Sample Identification / Analysis

Project Management / Asbestos Removals

  • We are able manage your asbestos issue from the outset of your project, including planning, inspection & identification, removal and final clearance certification.
  • We endeavour to find the best & most cost effective solution, and above all, “Ensure safety & compliance from start to finish”.
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